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Resurface Driveways - Resurfacing and Asphalt Overlays

Haines Paving specializes in resurfacing and repairing old driveways with new asphalt. A resurface of a driveway is different than a complete remove and replace of the driveway. Resurfacing the driveway means your existing asphalt driveway is in tact with a really strong sub base and we can fix the bad areas on the driveway and than do a complete resurface / overlay with new asphalt over the entire driveway for a brand new look. This will be less expensive than a complete remove and replace of the existing driveway and if done correctly your driveway will last just as long.

Let our team of highly trained estimators provide an accurate and detailed plan for your driveway.

Haines Paving Inc, 751 Quincy St. Herndon, VA 20170 - Phone: (703) 471-7600