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residential painting company in northern virginia

Paving Residential Driveways

Haines Paving has over 50 years of asphalt paving experience. We specialize in paving driveways for residential customers including driveway repair, asphalt patch work, installing new driveways, and more.

We use the highest grade of Hot Mix Asphalt and use the latest technology and equipment to make sure your residential driveway will last for years. The home owner needs to make sure when getting estimates from asphalt contractors that they are licensed and insured and rated by the BBB. We take pride in our asphalt work and have thousands of satisfied customers and driveways that are still standing after 20 years.

Proper sub-base is crucial for new driveways and many contractors will not provide the neccessary sub base and what happens is the driveway will not last but a couple years. The price looked right to the home owner but it ends up costing 2x or 3x more than if they just had the job done right the first time. It's crucial that the home owner ask the right questions when getting a new driveway or resurfacing of an old driveway or a complete remove and replace of the driveway.

Questions to ask your contractor?

1. Are you Licensed and Insured and with the Better Business Bereau?

2. How many inches of compacted asphalt will we have?

3. How many inches of sub-base (21A stone, gravel, etc) will we have before you add the asphalt?

4. What type of asphalt are you using? (some contractors will try to use left over asphalt or cold asphalt)

5. What type of equipment will you be using. Some contractors do not have heavy enough equipment like rollers to compact the asphalt properly and this will result in your driveway falling apart or caving in after a year if the proper equipment is not used.


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